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Cue Repairs and Alterations

Zaks Cues are experts in cue repairs and alterations. With our flawless craftsmanship we can do all types of cue repairs and alterations to give your old or damaged cue new life. Each cue receives the finest care and backed by our satisfaction guarantee you can be assured your cue is in good hands.

Most repairs will be carried out within 3 working days. For local customers most repairs can be done while you wait upon prior arrangement.

Please call Zak on 0412 670 342 to make an appointment.

Shipping - If you are shipping your cue please ensure that the cue is sufficiently wrapped to prevent any damage. Sending your cue in its case alone will not ensure your cue is protected. We recommend sending your cue in a piece of pvc pipe with the cue wrapped in bubble wrap so there is no movement.

Please include your name, address, phone number and details of repair on our cue repair order form.

Replaced Cue Tip

Repairs, Alterations and Refurbishing Pricing

Price shown are indicative and may vary with job complexity

Repair Service Price
Re-Tip   $15.00
Replace Tip and Ferrule (Brass Ferrule)   $25.00
Replace Tip and Ferrule (Nylon Ferrule)   $30.00
Resize Tip (Brass Ferrule)   $35.00
Resize Tip (Nylon Ferrule)   $40.00
Replace Join   $90.00
Re-Weight from $30.00
2pc Replacement Shaft from $100.00
3/4 Replacement Shaft from $150.00
Refurbishing   $50.00